Modular Homes in San Diego

Not too big or too small, and not too expensive either. That is the modular home. Using high- quality long-lasting materials, at King Mahdi Builders Inc. we produce top-notch factory-made modular homes that you can customize to your liking without breaking the bank.

Commonly mistaken as interchangeable with manufactured homes, modular homes are quite different and from first glance and can look exactly the same as a custom site-built home.

The Anatomy of a Modular Home

Modular homes are constructed in box-like modules which are then pieced together on site. Your entire home can be built within six months with a flawless construction schedule due to a streamlined indoor manufacturing process in which weather can never interfere.

A custom modular home is constructed much like any other home.

  • First the shell is constructed. This consists of floors, walls, insulation and interior beams.
  • The roof is next, complete with its own insulation.
  • Electricity, plumbing and ventilation are also installed in factory.
  • Following that, the interior finishing is done—and no, a modular home is not just a shell—all of your built-in cabinetry and architectural detailing is done in factory!
  • Last, but not least, the exterior is finished and modules are packed up ready to be delivered to your land.

The Bottom Line

Modular homes are a great middle ground when you want a brand-new home but don’t want to go through all the hassle of commissioning a fully custom on-site home. Not quite as basic as a fully manufactured home, but with enough interest added and potential for imagination, you can feel proud of being a major part of the design and build process.

These prebuilt homes are not entirely customizable but are more so than an older house you’d find on the market, especially on the inside. At King Mahdi Builders Inc. you will be shown many blueprint options which you can then tweak in the direction you would like. While they do not allow for factory-built garages or porches, changes are constantly being made to the process with more and more options available every day.

With a lower price point and a reliable timeline, modular homes are the stress-free option for any new homeowner.

The King Mahdi Builders Inc. Promise

For new homeowners in San Diego considering investing in a modular home, we promise a smooth and uncomplicated process. Larger projects require a lot of moving parts, including contractors, subcontractors and general laborers. At our factory one team assembles all of our properties and subcontractors are never required.

Built flawlessly up to code, our promise is that your modular home will arrive in turnkey shape—all you need to do is move in! There is also no need to schedule inspections.

Last but not least, you will always be able to get in contact with us easily and speak to a real person. Our customer service agents are knowledgeable and happy to help—and if they can’t help you out, your inquiry will be escalated immediately.

Invest in your future. Leave it to King Mahdi Builders Inc..